Egypt grows its teeth and the black is preparing


Egypt grows its teeth and the black is preparing

Egyptian army

May God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you                                  
Disappeared and lost anyone who is ignorant or underestimates Egypt Egypt al-Kinana Egypt Arabism Egypt accompanied the victories Egypt Pharaohs Egypt History
Anyone who begs of himself or is tempted by his devil to think merely think that he will bring Egypt closer
Yes, they are ignorant of the destiny of Egypt and the mind of Egypt and the Egyptians are ignorant of its strength and the courage of its people, thinking that their games can drag EgyptTo the amateur, hehe, hehe of Egypt, who do not know it, she is the one who wrote the history of the championships, it started from the Pharaohs until I broke the Brotherhood and expelled them evil
Kick him out and show malicious intentions
They forgot that Egypt is saved from the Lord Almighty (Enter Egypt, God willing, safe). God Almighty believed
They tried to drag Egypt to strike the Renaissance Dam, and they forgot that Egypt knows their intentions. They forgot that the Renaissance Dam, sooner or later, will not be done because of its technical faults.

And they tried to make Egypt a scapegoat in front of their people and that Egypt was the one who stopped the development of their country. They forgot that Egypt was planning and studying before stepping
If they took one step, they forgot that their fear of their people and wasted their people's money made them think without planning and with a weak will, they forgot that they were planningAgainst Egypt, the fortress, the fortress, and the safety and security. On the other hand, they tried to occupy Egypt in Libya. They tried to disperse the power of Egypt.
Between Ethiopia and Libya, they forgot that the entire people of Egypt are the army of Egypt at the time of war and war at the time of distress Egypt is all an army that protects its lair and protects
Its right they have forgotten that Egypt has no people, but blacks that visit and grim its teeth at the time of distress, they have forgotten the vultures of Egypt, which invalidate any enemy
Disappointed and lost from the ignorance of the anger of the Egyptians disappointed and lost everyone who did not see with the Egyptian black certainty Egyptian eagles
Which do not fear righteousness, neither the sea nor the air, they have forgotten from Egypt, they have forgotten its heroes, they have forgotten those who brought the Hyksos out, those who overthrew the dream of the Crusaders
They forgot those who overthrew the ambitions of every greedy and ignorant of the power of Egypt and the Egyptians forgot what Egypt did to Israel, what Egypt did with the Brotherhood
The enemies of the homeland and religionBeware then the anger of the lions, beware, warn the eagles soar, so if the eagles soar, the flesh of the enemy will not return, beware the lions of Egypt
If they grim their teeth, they will not remain until the bones of the aggressors, they will not exist and they will become forgotten and forgotten.
It is Egypt, sir, it is Egypt, sir, a warm hug in peace and a volcano of anger in war
Beware of the anger of the sons of the pharaohs. Beware the curse of the pharaohs, which will not make you even dream about Egypt. The curse of the pharaohs that burns those who dream and think
Pharaohs be angry
God save Egypt and save its people from every aggressor
Long live Egypt
Long live Egypt
Long live Egypt

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